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The most important thing about being in photos is feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Every person is unique..We all have things about ourselves that we do not love..I try to make a person feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. I want photography to be fun and I want to photograph connections. Connections you have with each other and yourself. The moments between the poses.

I want you to almost forget I am there and have fun...A positive experience..I want you to feel joy not stress! No matter how many children join in!

I will still try to capture intimate and special moments.

There are so many incredible locations to photograph in Tallahassee. If you let me know what you have in mind for your photosession I have a list of reccomendations!

Photographs should be treasured memories that last forever.. Sure we can do poses to! I like having a mix so you have lots of options!

I love photographing Tallahassee and its people.

I believe everyone should look and feel beautiful in thier photographs! But you let me worry about that..You just be you!

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