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What to expect for a Family NewBorn Session

Newborn Sessions are so special and intimate, as new life has just joined the family. I love shooting them! There are some things to consider like keeping the house warm =) Making sure they are not hungry ect. These were taken at my home photography studio and in my yard in Tallahassee, Fl. It would have been possible to do them all in the studio with background and such but when the weather allows it I love using my yard in the shade to catch the natural light.

Definetely want some of just the baby and then get the whole family involved. Every family member is eventually going to have a special relationship with the new baby and I like to capture that and the new family as a whole..Here is a small sample of all the photos we took!

This is a special option to capture all the stages of pregnancy and the new mom with the new baby. I am sure this image will be treasured forever! I also offer grow with me sessions starting with 1 maternity and shoot and including a newborn shoot, a 6 month shoot and a 1 year old shoot. Everything is customizable. Maternity should be beautiful.

Message me with any questions you might have or if you want something special! I love babies

I love being a photographer in Tallahassee.

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