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A Couples Tallahassee Park Photography Session. SneakPeak Love is in the air.

This was a very special portrait session! It was their one year anniversay. So we went to #AlfredBMclayGardens. Everytime I go to a park in Tallahassee to do a photography session I find new spots that I love. Couples photography is just so much fun. It is relaxed and special I try to make it tell a story while painting with light! They were a little shy in front of the camera at first but you would never be able to tell from the pictures. I try to make people open up and relax to capture the essense of the situation and produce stunning light and bright photography. I am happy to be a Tallahassee Photographer and share in peoples special moments. I love pictures when the sun in just starting to set =) We got a few.


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