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A Family Photo Shot with Lots of personality and coordinating outfits!

Many people think it better to have clothes that all match. I think it winds up looking more laidback and natural to have clothes that coordinate rather than match.

I also try to get pictures that look composed and some that are just shots of the kids playing (Ususally this happens while trying to pose them). Everything goes smoothly and is fun for everyone involved and you wind up with a selection of pictures. The above #tallahasseephoto shoot was at #DorothyVOvens Park. There are so many beautiful options there and opportunities for pictures!

Some Silly pictures are always nice to have. I love photographing children being themselves.

They look very serious here!

One of the silliest poses ever..Done all on her own!

Its equaly important to be to photograph the special moments!

And of course looking fabulous!

My style is to go with the mood of my families! So everyone gets just what they want. I also want everyone to have a #funphotosession . I love being a #tallahasseephotographer.

I think every #photosession is special and unique in its only way for me and for the people I photograph. No two are ever exactly alike! I also love #conceptphotography. When people have a concept I try to make it happen! Looking forward to my next #photosession already.

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