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A Glimple of Mini Sessions!

Mini Photography sessions are short..Usually 15-20 minutes. My clients still get alot out of them. This is just a sneak peak! To see the pictures full sized you can visit my facebook page.

Its a great way to get know me as a photographer and introduce children to being photographed. Or if you are on a budget to still be able to get some nice framed prints! People usually end up with at least 30 choices from a mini session. I always give everyone the high quality edited digital images.

It is important that you arrive a few minutes early so you are ready to go when your photography session starts.

You do not get as much as you would from a full session. But usually you still get a variety of images. Its a great way to update your family photos!

These were taken at at the beautiful #DorothyBOvens Park in Tallahassee Florida.

I usually offer mini sessions a few times a year! So be on the look out =)


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