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A Magical Summary of a Wedding day Beggining to end.

This was a small intimate wedding. This is not all the pictures by any means. Just a few. The day was cold but luckily it did not rain.

Everyone had a great time taking Getting Ready Pictures. I wound up having to help with the hair and make up but everything turned out beautiful. The Flower girl did not love getting her hair done and disapeared shortly after.

The wedding dress was beautiful and sparkly!

It looked even prettier on the bride!

The groom was getting excited!

The Flower girl insisted on joining the groomsmen! We went with the flow!

and so it begins...

And the Groom Kissed the Bride@

and let there be a toast

and the wedding cake gets cut!

Cake Fight!

And the first and second Dance!

I love being a Tallahassee Wedding Photographer. I get to be a part of people most memorable occasion! This Wedding actually took place in Georgia! It was a small and intimate wedding. I am so lucky I got to be there!

PS...Make your groomsmen iron thier vests or steam them!


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