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Baby Milk Bath. Ms.Audrey

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

This baby was kind of having a bad day..I know her personally and we still got some great portraits. She is usually much more smiley..But she could not help it but look cute for her pictures. This might be one of the cutest photosessions I have done! When you overload a milk bath with flowers...real or fake you can not go wrong.

A milk bath photoshoot is mostly water. Totally safe. You only need to add enough milk or cream to cloud the water.

I love concept photography and the challenge of making it happen sucessfully. Baby photography and newborn photography is also a passion of mine. It is just so cute and sweet. This was definetely a fun photosession. Message me to book your photosession. And if you have a concept to make it special I find that wonderful and meaningful


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