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Birthday Photo shoot at any age!

In Tallahassee Florida Birthday pictures are all the rage! I am so excited that adults birthday photos as well as childrens birthday photos are happening! When we think of birthdays pictures we think more of this.

This was as Dorothy B Ovens Park. It is one of my favorite places to do pictures. There is so much beauty there. Something for everyone and a great way to a good variety of pictures!

or this

These are totally adorable. I love photographing children and there special Birthdays! But should adults not join in the fun. This was done in my studio. I love cake smash sessions. I found out that if you put a disposable table cloth down it makes the clean up much much easier =)

But why should adults not join in the fun. Birthday pictures are a great thing to have at any age. So are cake smash sessions! There is no age where you suddenly stop likeing cake!

Why Should a 24 Year old not have some beautiful images to rember her Birthday or a 60 year old for that matter! Make every year special with a PhotoSession. This shoot was so much fun to do. We both enjoyed it! It was also done in my photostudio.

I love being a Tallahassee Photographer and Love when my clients bring me ideas!

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