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Death to My Youth. Funeral themed Birthday Shoot!

I love creative shoots and when people have unique ideas so of course we has alot of fun with this! Concept photography is great! These were taken at Doroth B Oven Park in Tallahasse. Usually photos from there are light bright and green =) A few editing tricks set the mood.

Birthday photography shoots are gaining in popularity. There is no reason they can not be themed! Tallahassee is full of great backdrops for photography. Depending on the time of day and what I do in editing they can look completely different. This photo shoot definetely tells a story.

Who says you can't look hot after 30! I look foward to doing more death to my youth funeral shoots in the future. Beautiful and dark and moody photography! And if you want this style of photography for some other occasion you can always just request it. I am always open to new ideas!

Message me to book your fun birthday photography shoot of any kind! I am in Love with these photos!


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