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I Love Engagement Sessions! This Sunflower photography Session was especially Beautiful!

This engagement session was shot at #AuntLouisesFarm In Montecello Fl. It is about a half hour from Tallahassee and totally beautiful. #sunflowerphotography sessions are always beautiful. We had some awsome luck with weather. We got there before it rained and there was a prerain rainbow plus we got to experiance #goldenhour. You can not ask for more as far as beautiful lighting goes. This couple was fun and in Love and the pictures show this!

#Engagementphotography sessions are particularly special. It is a good time to try out your photographer to make sure it is a good fit for #weddingphotography. I also like getting to know my clients and seeing what kind of mood they are looking for. Engagement sessions are not rushed and are relaxed and it is all about the couple. It is a very special kind of photoshoot.

I am so lucky and blessed that I was able to capture this photoshoot. Everything about it went perfectly. I love being a photographer in the Tallahassee area. I get to meet so many amazing people!

Message me to book yours!

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