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Lucky to be a Tallahassee Family Photography-A progressive Maternity shoot!

I was lucky enough to do the wedding of this Couple and now I am doing a #maternityphotoshoot to show the progression. I can not wait to the baby is born and we can complete this project with #newbornphotography.

As you can see she was a #beautifulbride

And the baby is growing!

And #itsaboy! Had a great time getting some great shots at the #genderreal party!

And we stepped out of the #studio

We are doing a couples #maternityphotosession next! There are also some beautiful #materinityboudair photos that we are not going to show here! I am am open to all concepts and love when people have ideas of what they want! At the end of this she will have a gorgeous book to cherish and keep forever. I love being a #tallahasseephotographer. I get to share peoples special days and life events. I love getting to know my clients on a personal level and being the one they call when anything special is happening in thier lives!

I am excited for our next #photographysession at one of the beautiful #tallahasseeparks with her husband and son.

If you have anything special you want photos of just message me and we can make it happen!

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