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Questions to ask your photographer!

1- Are you good with children?

Check the photographers gallery as well. But if you have small children you want to make sure that the photographer is used to and good with tricking them into cute pictures! I myself have a ton of experience with small children from working in preschools and I love do childrens photography and family photography.

2-Do you have any reviews?

Reviews will tell you what others have thought about your photographer and might make you more comfortable with the choice!

3-A question for yourself...Do I like this person..It is very important that you feel comfortable personality wise. It will really show in the pictures.

4- Can this photographer do the style I am looking for?

If you want a particular style you should ask the photographer for a couple samples if you do not see what you are looking for. Most photographers want you to be happy.

5-Can I bring props and do outfit changes?

My awnser is always yes please do! I love hearing peoples ideas and trying to make them work as well.

I love being a tallahassee photographer. I feel honored when people hire me for photography. I get to be part of a special day or help them preserve precious memories. You can message me with any questions at any time. I am very responsive. Tallahassee is such a beautiful city I never run out of locations to photograph. I love learning new things and meeting new people and trying new concepts.


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