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What to wear for your portrait session?

The short answer....Anything you want! I have heard so much about wearing patterns or not wearing patterns or this color or that color....The truth of it is anything you feel comfortable in can work.

However if you do not feel comfortable showing your arms..make sure your shirt has sleeves...etc

Should you color coordinate with your can..that is up to you. I have seen color coordinated pictures and uncoordinated pictures both turn out beautiful. As long as the colors do not totally clash stripes can go with polka dots! I have also seen people match their outfit color to their home decor.

Also think about the location. If there is a lot of greenery you might not want to wear green.

Just remember what you put on will be in the picture. You can have fun with it scarfs, jewelry. hats, or your favorite instrument or meaningful item.

So, these are your portraits, think about how you want to be portrayed in them. Let your personality shine.

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